Best Reseller Hosting :: Short Tips

In the world of hosting may be you are no stranger to what it is reseller hosting. Literally, mean of reseller hosting is a hosting agent. Actually what is reseller hosting? How to become an reseller hosting? What are the advantages becomes reseller hosting? The following article will explore thoroughly about the ins and outs of what is reseller hosting.

Understanding What it is Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a person who resells hosting from a web hosting provider. In another word, reseller hosting is also called a hosting agent because reseller hosting own hosting that has been bought from the web hosting provider for reselling.

By becoming a reseller hosting, you can create one web hosting provider with your own brand name. Because you have a separate brand, then your identity as a hosting reseller is kept secret by web hosting provider. So in practice you can create your own hosting package and have your own private nameserver, assuming your domain is and private nameserver and Thus your domain information will go to your own domain nameserver.

Amazingly, as a reseller hosting you has its own technical support to solve the problems facing your customers. If the hosting server is having problems, you as a reseller hosting do not need to deal directly with the server in question. You simply submit a complaint to the web hosting provider.

Become Reseller Hosting

Once you know what a reseller hosting is, then the next step we learn about how to become a reseller hosting. To become a reseller hosting, you do not need a huge initial cost. You simply purchase your hosting and domain first in the web hosting provider.

The next step you create your reseller website hosting on the internet. In this case you create the name of the web hosting provider with the domain name and nameserver for your hosting business. To help with sales, you can include chat services with marketing on your website. Then also provide chat service with customer service to serve the problems faced by customers. Periodically, do maintenance to your customers for the hosting service that you provide is always excellent.

The Advantage of Being Reseller Hosting

Once you know how to become reseller hosting, maybe you are wondering: what benefits are offered if it becomes reseller hosting? Actually the advantage of being reseller hosting lies in the difference between the selling price and the purchase price. Just like the general principle of trading, on reseller hosting the amount of profit you earn depends on the selling price you peg to the consumer.

If you are a web developer or programmer, being a reseller hosting is quite tempting. You can offer a package for website creation services with your hosting service so that your profits will be doubled. In addition you can also maintain your customer’s website to the maximum so that it will increase customer confidence to you.

You need to know that reseller hosting is different from affiliate hosting. In the daily life of reseller hosting can be likened you as an agent / distributor while affiliate hosting likened as a broker / intermediary. Because of this difference reseller hosting advantages greater than affiliate hosting, but behind it reseller hosting can lose because they need to invest first.

Become Best Reseller Hosting

From the description above, we can conclude that to be reseller hosting does not require technical knowledge such as hosting provider. If there is a problem you can ask for help on your hosting provider. The key to success being reseller hosting lies in the satisfaction of your customers using your hosting services. Therefore, the relationship between you as reseller hosting with customers needs to be a top priority.