Dedicated Hosting Service

Dedicated Server Definition

What is a dedicated server? Dedicated servers can be interpreted as leased and stand-alone servers. The dedicated server service allows to run heavy applications with high workload that can not be operated on shared hosting or VPS (Virtual Private Server). Usually a dedicated server provider provides a complete set of physical web servers and operating systems. In order to log in to the web server you will gain root access so that you can do the server maintenance through access already available.

With a dedicated server too, you have full control over your server. You are free to configure the server according to your requirements specifications. This condition is certainly different from shared hosting services where you do not have full control of the server. You are limited only to configure your website on the cPanel menu only.

On a dedicated server service, you can use the server in full for testing web applications, hosting services, databases, and other internet services. To use a dedicated server, you simply set everything off your desk. While a dedicated server is put on a hosting service provider, you manage the remote server dedicate from your work desk.


Advantages of Dedicated Server Service

As mentioned above, dedicated servers service have the advantage of fully controlling all the activity that takes place inside the server. So all the resources / server resources such as processor cores, RAM, hard drives can be set according to your needs. With full control rights this will certainly provide comfort and security of your website becomes more secure.

The dedicated server service is suitable for large business activities and handles high data traffic. Dedicated servers also have the ability to create more than one domain name, can build a good email service, have unlimited database support and software.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Server Services

Although has advantages, a dedicated server also has some disadvantages, among others:

  1. High cost of dedicated server rental.
  2. Required high technology mastery to use dedicated server services.

Currently the cost of a dedicated server rental ranges from $50 per month up to $200 per month depending on the specification of the dedicated server computer you are renting.

Not just anyone can operate dedicated sever. Some knowledge that need to be mastered are: hardware and software server, network and internet, database and so forth. Moreover experience in the world of internet network server is also required.


From the description of what a dedicated server above can be concluded that dedicated server services are recommended specifically for those who require high computing services with full access control. But to operate a dedicated server seems to require people who have experience in managing Internet network servers. In addition, the cost of a monthly rent is also expensive to make dedicated server services less desirable internet users.